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Gold is one of the most precious items to own. Not only is it an enviable jewellery to wear but is also a great investment that can be sold later, as and when the need arises. Selling gold in Dubai is quite easy as we will explain to you. You only need to know a few basic things before you sell gold in Dubai so as to not be cheated.
What is Gold? Gold is basically a metal that occurs naturally. In its purest form it is highly malleable and ductile meaning that it can be stretched and bended to form any design. The value of the purity of gold is measured in carats or karats with the symbol K. The purest form of gold has the value of 24K and is the most expensive of the lot.
The live gold price in Dubai is:
24 K: 222.25 AED
22K: 208.75 AED
21K: 199.25 AED
18K: 170.75 AED.
Most gold ornaments are made with 22K gold as it allows more durability and flexibility in designs. In most cases, gold is mixed with an alloy to create jewellery. Since gold in its most original form is very soft, it cannot be used to make fashionable jewellery.
Selling Gold in Dubai: The Steps to follow The Selling gold rate in Dubai will be determined based on various factors. The live gold price in Dubai will be one of the most important factors along with the purity or karat of your gold. When you decide to sell gold in Dubai, you can approach us and present your item.
• Your gold jewellery will first be checked for purity.
• Then the weight of your gold will be measured on a weighing scale and informed to you.
• You will be given an approximate gold rate based on a preliminary evaluation.
• If you then agree to sell your gold, you should give your consent to the sales representative.
• The sales representative will then take your gold for cleaning.
• Cleaning is a process in which first of all, all stones or gems or beads (if any) on your gold is removed.
• The weight of the stones/ gems/ beads will not be considered when selling your gold. If they are precious stones, you will get a separate price quote for them based on their value and size.
• During cleaning, all dirt and debris will be removed from the gold.
• It will then be weighed again and this will be the weight considered for your payment.
• After evaluation, you will be given the best price for your gold.
Selling Gold for cash Gold is a good investment and it is the best way to get quick payments when the need arises. Sometimes the need for money is sudden and there is no other way to raise quick money. Selling gold in Dubai at a time when the live gold price in Dubai is suitable can be quite profitable for you. This will help you to get the right price for your item. This is a metal that is valuable not only for its price but also because it sometimes holds great emotional value. We understand the relationship you have to your gold and respect it immensely. It is an investment or a purchase that can have long-term security benefits. Selling gold will also allow you to update your wardrobe by replacing your old gold jewellery for new and more fashionable ones. We provide options of selling gold for cash and also for exchanging gold ornaments for new ones. You can also sell your gold coins or bars or bricks and get the right price for them. In cases of gold bars and bricks and coins, there is little to none depreciation value and is a good option to get maximum profit.
Selling gold can be a taxing job but we are here to make this process easy and smooth for this. With a little knowledge about gold trends in Dubai, you can get great prices for your gold ornaments and other objects. Gold is something that will never let you down.