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An established organization giving a standardized rating for the gold you own, sell gold Dubai is one such firm with 25 years of expertise in the precious metal industry. Having a transparent and ethical online platform for selling gold, UAE that assures minimum overhead value and higher scrape per gold rate. It is advised to have a fair estimate of the gold price range as you wish to sell or buy gold. As the market rates alter gold sellers, Dubai tends to make standardized rates according to units per gram. The price changes as per the company and the market demand.

The weight of the gold/silver/diamond/platinum that you wish to sell and the purity of the metal and or the stone are other factors that are taken into consideration when you sell gold/diamond/silver/platinum. When in need of instant cash and when you want to exchange old jewellery, you can come to us and get a fair price for your jewellery. We even offer services that allow you to sell diamonds at the highest price, making it a profitable transaction when it is usually considered to be an unprofitable venture.



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Then Sell Gold Dubai Is The Place For You!

With our reliable service and prompt dealings, selling gold, silver, platinum or diamond is no more a complicated process. If you search for ‘sell gold in Dubai for cash’ you might not be able to know the best choices available for you. In this market, there are a lot of hidden areas that can easily be used to deceive you with false prices not just for gold but also for other metals.

Sell Gold Dubai is backed by 25 years of experience in the field and we have built our business on the trust of our clients. With our latest technology and expertise, we take extra care in dealing with our customers. A secure online system is set up to carry out the proceedings and therefore you do not have to worry about the confidentiality of the procedure. With this we keep our overheads low and scrap gold price (per gram) high.

Investing in gold, silver, platinum or similar elements can bring you comfort during hard times. As you cannot predict the future, it is always wise to put your assets to use when you can. Investing in these can help you in your turbulent times.


As a person looking to get the best value, you can easily get dissuaded with wrong rates. In the metal-cash exchange industry, market sellers alter prices and therefore Dubai sets its standardized rates according to units per gram. It is the company that decides the price and hence the prices vary from one company to another. Therefore, we recommend you do your research well before indulging in any kind of a deal in this domain.


Security: We offer 100% security while dealing with our customers. Our team is well trained and ready to answer your doubts about anything related to service at any time. Reach out to us and put forward any queries that you may have. We would be more than happy to serve you. Expect a transparent and ethical conduct of behaviour from us right from start to end.

No limits, no constraints: We do not believe in limiting our customers. We accept gold in any color and variety - Saudi, Indian, English, and Arabic; 9k, 14k, 18k, 21k, 22k & 24k. The same applies to silver coins and even platinum chains. If your platinum pendant is broken or your gold ring is old as time, we will accept them as long as they are genuine and pure.

Instant cash: Long waits are always a problem, especially when you are looking to exchange metals for cash. The process may take days if you are not dealing with the right people. Worry not, we offer you instant cash in return with no delays. Financial emergencies are one of the most common reasons with which our clients approach us. And we do not want to disappoint you in your time of need; rather we are interested in helping you in the best possible way. For us, time is very important and we make sure that our clients do not get vexed in any way. Our employees can make you feel comfortable and are ready to serve you at any time.

Highest prices: As promised, we offer you the best prices for gold in Dubai. Hence, we are one of the top buyers of gold in the city. To sell gold or silver in Dubai you would not be able to find a better dealer than us at these prices. Our price charts are constantly updated based on the gold-selling prices in Dubai and international bullion markets. Therefore, you can see for yourself how deciding the price for each metal, not just gold.

Latest technology: With quick service at the centre of our policy we keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies for the advantage of our clients. We check the weight and purity of the item on the spot with XRF technology. This way, you can get the required details on the spot.


It is pretty simple. You can bring old ornaments, coins, and even bars and we will always be ready to welcome you and help. Remember to bring your ID (original passport, work permit, or labour card and a copy of your Original Purchase Invoices) when you visit us for security reasons. We do not want to engage in any fraudulent transaction. Once you convey your need and show us your items to be exchanged, we will tell you the price after proper examination of the items. If you find the prices satisfactory, we go ahead with the proceedings. If not, then we are happy to let you find your comfortable price anywhere else.

Selling gold in Dubai is something that can easily fetch you a fortune and there are a lot of cases reported about fake promises and false rates being used in the industry. We would not want that for you and take our word for it that you can have the best experience with us at the best prices possible!